Monthly Premium Trading Signals


Payment channel for Monthly Premium Trading Signals

These are Forex Trading alerts those we upload onto our website for our premium users who access them for FREE.
However if you make this purchase, we will add you to our Premium Signals Telegram channel where we send all the exact same signals as uploaded on the website with the only difference being that on the website we sometimes include detailed mark-up and video analysis those explain the strategy used to arrive at the signals.

  • We send 2 to 6 signals a week.
  • The signals have a 80% probability and are on average 60% accurate meaning its roughly a 3/5 hit rate.
    • This is incredibly excellent if you utilize proper risk management.
  • Stop Loss always given between 20 and 30 pips
  • Take profits always given between 20 and 90 pips


To Place Order:

  1. Click on “Add to Cart”
  2. Click on “View Cart”
  3. Verify price and quantity / Apply discount coupon if you have
  4. Click on “Proceed To Checkout”
  5. Fill in payment details
  6. Put your Telegram number in the “Notes” section at the bottom of the order form
    • Eg, “Telegram Number: +27 65 123 4567”
  7. Click on “Place Order”


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