Frequently asked questions about the presentation

PosterTrades, also known as PosterTrades Forex and Business Academy aka PosterTradesFBA aka PTFBA is an academy that teaches Forex and Business skills as well as offer a platform to generate starting capital to its clients.

The PosterTrades compensation plan has a cap and pays up to about R50 000 per month which is roughly $3500 pm, the reason it is capped is because its function is only to serve as a means of account funding and is not intended or designed to be a primary source of lifestyle income.

Anytime as soon as you can

The date on which you start doesn’t affect the price because your access will last 33 days from when you paid.

Membership is actually 30 days but we put in an additional 3 days grace period for payments to reflect.

Eg: If you start on the 12th, your membership will expire on the 15th of the following month.

Its a month to month contract, the monthly payments are a subscription for the services rendered every month. If you cancel your subscription you wont owe anyone anything after.

No Postertrades is also for entrepreneurs who own or want to open small businesses.

To get free premium access all you have to do is refer 3 people to subscribe and your premium membership will be free as long as long as you have at least 3 active referrals.

They are essentially the same with only 2 differences which are that 

Gold Star Plan grants you access to our trading room which is a virtual conference meeting which takes place about 3 times a week for 2 hours a session after hours where you can watch one of our instructors taking live trades and you can also take them and interact with him if you wish

Second difference is that its R300 per month more than the Silver Star Plan.

Then you will have 2 referrals and since the requirement for free premium subscription is 3, you will unfortunately go back to having to pay monthly subscriptions until you bump your referrals back to 3.

On a merit of fairness and best business practice we have structured a compensation plan for such cases. Kindly refer to the presentation to check it out.

We will either bank transfer (Only for South African residents), PayPal or Skrill you your funds. But from an administration perspective we really prefer PayPal, plus it gives you instant access to your funds.

Ok, you will get income 1 from the PosterTrades referral commissions, income 2 from referral commissions from your broker side, income 3 from your actual trading and income 4 from the company we will register for you when you reach a certain goal or if you bought it upfront.

When you are qualified to be a mentor you will start earning commissions. There are only 2 levels of downline depth to earn from. Level 1 is your direct referrals and we pay you R160 per month per active downline and level 2 is your downlines referrals and we pay you R80 per month per active downline,

In total you can get paid R3200 per month on level 1 and R46080 on level 2 commissions. So that would be R49280 per month.

You just need to become a mentor. You do that by learning the material and having 4 direct referrals. Then from that point, you will start earning commissions.

Commissions get paid on the 3rd Friday of every month. Commissions of referrals who only joined after the 2nd Friday could get paid the following month.

PosterTrades is built on a principle of mutual benefit.

We pay our clients commissions with the aim to help them fund their businesses or trading accounts. Why teach you business or trading and not help you with funding.

Silver Star Plan is R2240 first month and R500 per month thereafter

Gold Star Plan is R2540 first month and R800 per month thereafter

All subscription plans last 20 working days plus an additional 3 working days grace period to verify, confirm and query payments

The subscription is for a month to month contract, its not an installment payment. That means you can take a break or cancel at any time and not owe anyone anything but your login access will be paused for that time.

We have different levels of Mentorship Ranks to identify the different seniority levels. A client can advance from being a novice to being a White Collar Mentor. Each time you advance to a new Mentorship Rank we give you a once off bonus of R25 ooo to congratulate you for putting in an effort for your business.

The Stamp of Recognition is a gesture from PosterTrades to it client that we recognize your efforts and think you’re ready to start your business. So we recognize you by throwing you a “Baby Business Shower” where we give you R50 000 to start your business. And thats Facts.

A referral bonus is a once off amount that a client receives for signing up a new client. The bonus is a once off R1000 each time and the way it works is that out of that R1000 the recipient has to wire half of it to their upline within 24hrs of receiving it themselves. 

Referral bonuses get paid out every Friday. 

Referral bonuses for referrals made by Wednesday will be paid on that weeks Friday and referrals made after Wednesday will be paid  the following weeks Friday.

Doing this has a few advantages, firstly it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of passive income. Secondly, if it wasn’t this way then you would only be capped to R24 000 whereas going about it this way increases your Referral Bonus cap to a whopping R300 000. If you can think of more advantages please let us know.

Total sum of Rank Advancement Bonuses: R100 000

Stamp of Recognition: R10 000

Total sum of Referral Bonuses: R300 000 (In an ideal situation where no one quits on you or on any of your downlines, but if they do and you still max it out, the total will be exceed R300K)

So total sum of bonuses is = R410 000


You can start receiving referral bonuses even before you qualify to receive monthly commissions. To take it even further, you can even receive level 2 referral bonuses without being a mentor yet. That means if you referred Bongani and you got your R5oo level 1 referral bonus you will also get another R500 referral bonus each time Bongani refers someone new into the academy. How sweet of us ne.

Any legal and moral business or business idea is welcome at PosterTrades. You could be selling kotas, accessories, weaves, clothes, doing gardens, network marketing, washing cars, selling houses, cars, ANYTHING, even if you are an influencer or your personal brand is your business, you will benefit from our program.

An influencer is someone with alot of social media followers who engage and interact with the influencers posts. Influencers are able to make their social media followers see things the influencers way eg: that a certain item of clothing is a must have.

Yes and no. If you’re an influencer but all you’re getting is comments and likes then you’re not a business. However if you’re getting paid for marketing and getting your followers to buy other peoples stuff and you get a commission then that’s another story.

Also, you’ve invested alot of time , effort and money into your personal brand and social media position just like anyone who invested in their business, so why should you only get likes, shares and comments in return?

Its the easiest way for you to turn your likes and comments into Rands, Dollars, Euros and Pounds.

90% of traders lose money and 90% of new businesses close within 5 years. Joining PosterTrades helps you defy those stats. We have found out that those stats are caused by lack of skills, structure, funds, and motivated mentorship. PosterTrades is designed to take care of all those challenges.

We decided to create and use training videos because first of all here at PosterTrades we sell convenience more than anything so teaching through videos eliminates;

  • Clashing of schedules between client and instructor/mentor, through videos you can have your classes ANY TIME you want
  • Awkward logistics meaning you can attend from wherever you want, even in your PJs
  • Financial convenience, having regular physical meetings can hit the budget hard via travel and food costs. AND the course itself would be expensive for the same content
  • Same content, the content in the videos is exactly the same content that you would learn in a physical sitting in the exact same order but for much more money

Since we are an online business and by the virtue of having explained all of the above, you can meet your mentor every 2nd week though an online meeting for discussions and Q&A’s

Very glad you asked, shows you pay attention to detail ;-). “LIT” basically summarizes your journey and experience of being a PosterTrades client as it abbreviates that for you to get the most value out of your membership you have to make sure that you are “LIT” at all times and to be “LIT” you have to

  1. Learn the material  
  2. Invite others to the program
  3. Train them 

Guess what you would train them to do, yes you guessed right, you would train them on how to Learn our material and on how to Invite others. Basically how to also be “LIT” and you would get paid for it.

A baby business shower is exactly that. We take your business idea or existing business as an baby that is about to get born or born again and we see you as the parent to be who is preparing for the birth of their baby which in this case is your business. That’s why we call it a baby business. Therefore the baby business shower is actually a business launch where we give you R50 000 to launch your business.

The purpose of the R50 000 will be to give your business a proper chance of beating the odd because you will have gotten the necessary training and mentorship for that to happen.

The only way to join the course is through a referral link from someone who’s already an active and enrolled student.

Why would you share it for free and risk legal action for theft of intellectual property. 

We give you the opportunity to sell the content and generate money for your business or trading account. 

By the virtue of you just referring PosterTrades and making money off that you are actually an entrepreneur. Your business is that of an influenser

PosterTrades as a company generates its income from trading Forex, from Real Estate and from training others on Business and Forex 

PosterTrades is built on principles of mutual benefit, we know the struggles of starting and running a business and those of trading too whether you are doing them while employed or unemployed. So while our competition gets greedier and greedier, we get more and more generous. We are the only academy in the country and one of a few worldwide to give back close to half of their revenue to their clients.

If you wish to cancel you should notify us at least 7 days in advance by email. That easy.

Absolutely, that’s the beauty of being an online business, we are not governed by logistics. As long as you have internet and a device you can join and experience the same thing as the people in South Africa. We would just use Skrill or PayPal instead of local banks.

Frequently asked questions about forex

Foreign exchange, more commonly known as Forex or FX, relates to buying and selling currencies with the purpose of making profit off the changes in their value. It is the biggest financial market in the world, trading at $5.3 Trillion a DAY!!!

MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, is an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders. The software communicates your trades to your brokers server then the brokers server communicates your trade to the market

The difference between ASK and BID is called spread. BID price being the actual price and ASK being a slightly different price that the broker asks you if they place your trade instead. It represents brokerage service costs and replaces transactions fees. Spread is traditionally denoted in pips.

A lot size refers to the amount of monetary value you allocate to a point in Forex. It is that number on the right hand side of a buy or sell trade. If price moves in your pre determined direction x amount of points you will profit an equal amount of your lot size.

A pip, short for point in percentage, is a very small measure of change in a currency pair in the Forex market. … It is usually $0.0001 for U.S.-dollar related currency pairs. Forex price movement is measured in pips.

Buying or Selling refers to which direction you think the market is gonna go in. If you think its gonna go up, you place a buy trade and if you think its gonna go down then u place a sell trade instead.

To prevent your account from being completely exposed and completely chowed by the market in the event that your traded goes into loss, you place a stop loss at a point where you think that if the market would reach would mean that your analysis was wrong and it will cut your loss there. Meaning you can expose your account only as much risk as you want, eg: 2% or 3% of total account can be opened to risk per trade.

Same nature and function as a stop loss but opposite in intent. A take profit is a market  order which you place where you predict the market will reach. When the market reaches that level it will trigger the take profit order and that order will close that trade automatically and bag your profits for you.

Lol no, that’s not true. Money can be made anytime throughout 24 hours of the day in Forex. Matter of fact the best times to make money is between 9am-12am and 2pm-5pm then maybe yes sometimes 1am-4am. Those are just market peak times meaning the rest of the times still offer opportunity but the probability of seeing more opportunities is during those slots. If you are at work during those times, just join PosterTrades and we will watch the markets for you and keep you informed while you concentrate on your duties.

No we do not take investment deposits of any kind, we are in the business of teaching our clients how to trade for themselves.

To trade Forex you just need to be above 18, a valid identification document and a valid utility bill that serves as proof of address. Those are the only documents you need.

If you wish, you can actually complete the theoretical part of course within a week, but it would be better to take about 8 to 12 weeks practicing the concepts on demo before considering using real funds.

Risk free trading refers to funding your account using affiliate commissions those you got from PosterTrades instead of trading your own funds. Think about it, its like trading on a  demo account only difference is that you can withdraw from it.

No Postertrades is also for entrepreneurs who own or want to open small businesses.

We encourage you to use certain brokers because when we give demonstrations on trades and go onto the trading room or give signals we need to be sure that your spreads and prices are the same as ours. Also because we want you to make money from the brokers IB commissions program on top of the PosterTrades commissions when your downlines register at the broker using your link.

The PosterTrades Trading Room is actually not a room but a live trading 2 hour session that happens 2-4 times a week where one of our high frequency traders will be taking live trades and clients can actually see it happening in real time and also interact with him/her through an online webinar screen share. Being a part of these sessions helps you train your eyes and patience in the skill of waiting, identifying, taking trading set ups and allowing them to play out. You may also trade these set ups for educational purposes and also to help with your monthly subscriptions as they are aimed at giving you at least 100 pips per month. **


**Kindly refer to the Disclaimers in our Terms of Service

The PosterTrades Forex Wing is our Forex Trading Analysis Team which is consists of a very skilled and reliable group of traders who are dedicated to working hard and professionally together to supply the PosterTrades clients with consistent and cross checked signals and set ups amounting to a clean 500 pips a month which will be sufficient to cover your monthly membership should you wish to trade them. **


**Kindly refer to the Disclaimers in our Terms of Service

Yes as stated in the previous question and there is no additional fee for signals as they are already included somehow in all the plans. If we were to offer them as a stand alone product they would cost R500 per month.

A linked account is trading account that is linked to another trading account. In that set up, the trader of the main account can remotely trade the linked account by trading his/her own account. In other words,the trades those would be taken on the main account would also be mirrored and taken on the linked account. However, the trader of the main account does not have login access into the linked account and therefore cannot deposit or withdraw money in or out of the linked account, only the owner of that account can do that. The owner of the linked account can also un-link their account from the main account at any time they wish.

However, this service is only coming soon and we do not offer it at the moment.

Lol, how can we neglect you in that regard?

Yes traders do get a baby shower for their trading accounts through the compensation plan. When you decide to learn or to re-learn to trade or re-sharpen your trading skills its also the same as preparing for the birth or rebirth of a new journey in trading and most probably through a new account. So that account would then be your baby and its only right that we “shapa” a nice R50 000 baby shower for it so you can enter the game with a fresh $3000 account. Its all up to you. #smiles. **


**Kindly refer to the Disclaimers in our Terms of Service

No PosterTrades is not a broker or a financial services provider hence we do not take investments or even make them on anyone’s behalf and all the financial advice is for educational purposes only and is not to be taken as professional advice. And we do also say you should consult your financial advisor as stated in the disclaimer in our terms of service.

However, PosterTrades is a training academy which charges for its training services and chooses to share its revenue with its students to thank them for completing certain word of mouth marketing consultation activities those the students do out of their own free will due to their level of satisfaction from the service and information value they got from PosterTrades.

Again, PosterTrades is not a broker nor is it a financial services provider.

Those are the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that was not featured please feel free to Contact Us and we will attend to it ASAP.

However if you are happy you may proceed back to the products page by Clicking Here.

'Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success'
Henry Ford

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