Who We Are

A collective of young individuals who believe in a better world, a world of abundance.

PosterTrades is a three year old Forex and Entrepreneurship academy which reinvented itself in December 2017 to employ a modern type of operating process that not only teaches people about trading Forex but also focuses on teaching them about healthy and practical practice business principles for our modern times and reality.

We are one of the very few Forex/Entrepreneurship academies in the world and in fact the very first one in South Africa to structure their client database in such a way that that forms a community that will help each other to fund their businesses using their tuition or subscription fees.

We are the last stop for anyone who is interested in learning how to trade Forex, or operate any other business in a profitable manner. We are the kind of academy that WILL make ALL its clients profitable Forex business owners if it’s the last thing we do.


To provide premium trading and practical entrepreneurial education, as well as simple but effective means of building operating capital to our clients.


To empower our clients with the necessary tools required to migrate them from operating on the left to the right hand side Cashflow Quadrants

To be the best Forex/Entrepreneurship Academy that always aspires to keep pushing the benchmark of delivering a continually improving premium quality service.


PostertTrades Trading Academy aka PosterTrades is a virtual and online trading academy which provides Forex and Entrepreneurship education to its students. It was founded in 2015 by a one, Mpho Makume who is a Mechanical Engineer by academics. The company was founded in a town called Vaal, which is located in the southern part of Gauteng which is in South Africa, but PosterTrades itself is completely virtual, has no geographical location and can be found exclusively online.

Between 2015 and 2017 Dec, PosterTrades used to operate using the traditional business model of servicing its clients, which meant that clients paid a set amount and received education, mentorship and support for a set amount of time. Entering 2018, due to benchmarking, continuous improvement and a merit of fairness and best business practices PosterTrades decided to pause all its skills transfer activities, drop the traditional business model, adopt and structure an internationally acclaimed best practice business model which is currently being administered by some of the best Forex academies across the globe.

This business model allows PosterTrades to drop its prices significantly, improve the quality of administering the product (which is the educational content) as well as student support AND create a platform that allows students the possibility to earn while they learn so they don’t rush into trading live funds prematurely which is a very risky and dire mistake that most people make which, most often ends up being more costly than you can imagine. Not only does our, ‘earn while you learn’ platform prevents the premature live trading mistake from occurring, it actually also provides our students the opportunity to not even use live funds from their own pockets and thus creating 2 streams of Forex incomes at that point for the student.

To sweeten the deal, PosterTrades went even further to add more value to its offer by adding a new offer to its scope. This offer caters not only to traders and aspiring traders but also to other people who have other business interests besides trading Forex. People who are interested in entrepreneurship and want to start their own businesses, want to improve their businesses or as well as people who don’t want to trade or to have a business but prefer to enjoy the sweet comfort and journey of their career path while having an additional side income. Everyone is welcome and respected at PosterTrades and we have just the solution for you.

And lastly but not leastly(lol), if you take a closer look at our logo, you will notice that we are making a transition from being a Forex and Business, Academy, to becoming a Forex and Business, Forum. The first of its kind in the world if we may say so ourselves. We always strive to push the benchmark in order to pump, the most amount of value, into your business, or trading journey.
By definition, Forum means, “a meeting, medium or platform, where views and ideas about a particular issue can be exchanged”.
This means that we have created a platform where you can come learn from us AND others and also share your own views on Forex or Business or both if you so wish AND get paid for it, provided that you are a member ofcorse.
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''To Make A Billion Dollars
Help A Billion People
For One Dollar Each''


What We Do

If we were to sum up everything that we do into one sentence it would go something like this.

We train traders and entrepreneurs to become entrepreneurs and to operate on the right hand side of the Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Quadrant

We Trade.

We trade the Forex and Commodities markets, which make up by far the biggest financial markets in the the world trading at 5.3 Trillion US Dollars per day. We scalp, intraday trade and even swing trade. So if we send out a signal and say this trade has potential, rest assured that our money is actually where our mouths are.

We Teach.

We have taught over 50 people how to trade the financial markets successfully. Apart from teaching Forex, we also teach entrepreneurial skills, by the virtue of PosterTrades being in business from 2015 in the rough Forex Education Jungle, and it means that we have done some things correctly here and there and know a thing or two that we can teach about business. Let us help start,  optimize or capitalize your business.

We Network.

We like to keep it real, we know that the one of the biggest reasons people perform better on demo is because there’s no fear of losing important money and that allows them to trade with a clear state of mind. We also know that the main reason business plans look better than the business itself is because of capital. Well we’ve put up a solution that takes care of that capital problem and allows you to turn your network into your net worth.

Brief History









Our Strengths and Weaknesses

Customer Care 85%
Client Satisfaction 95%
Work Ethic 100%
Communication 80%
Research and Development 100%
Content and Signal Quality 90%
Skills Transfer Ability 100%

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Quick Facts about us

PosterTrades, also known as PosterTrades Forex and Business Academy aka PosterTradesFBA aka PTFBA is an academy that teaches Forex and Business skills as well as offer a platform to generate starting capital to its clients.

No Postertrades is also for entrepreneurs who own or want to open small businesses.

To get free premium access all you have to do is refer 3 people to subscribe and your premium membership will be free as long as long as you have at least 3 active referrals.

We pay our clients commissions with the aim to help them fund their businesses or trading accounts. Why teach you business or trading and not help you with funding.

When you are qualified to be a mentor you will start earning commissions. There are only 2 levels of downline depth to earn from. Level 1 is your direct referrals and we pay you R160 per month per active downline and level 2 is your downlines referrals and we pay you R80 per month per active downline,

In total you can get paid R3200 per month on level 1 and R46080 on level 2 commissions. So that would be R49280 per month.

The Stamp of Recognition is a gesture from PosterTrades to it client that we recognize your efforts and think you’re ready to start your business. So we recognize you by throwing you a “Baby Business Shower” where we give you R50 000 to start your business. And thats Facts.

Referral bonuses get paid out every Friday. 

Referral bonuses for referrals made by Wednesday will be paid on that weeks Friday and referrals made after Wednesday will be paid  the following weeks Friday.

Total sum of Rank Advancement Bonuses: R100 000

Stamp of Recognition: R10 000

Total sum of Referral Bonuses: R300 000 (In an ideal situation where no one quits on you or on any of your downlines, but if they do and you still max it out, the total will be exceed R300K)

So total sum of bonuses is = R410 000

Any legal and moral business or business idea is welcome at PosterTrades. You could be selling kotas, accessories, weaves, clothes, doing gardens, network marketing, washing cars, selling houses, cars, ANYTHING, even if you are an influencer or your personal brand is your business, you will benefit from our program.

Yes and no. If you’re an influencer but all you’re getting is comments and likes then you’re not a business. However if you’re getting paid for marketing and getting your followers to buy other peoples stuff and you get a commission then that’s another story.

Also, you’ve invested alot of time , effort and money into your personal brand and social media position just like anyone who invested in their business, so why should you only get likes, shares and comments in return?

If you have anymore questions regarding trading Forex or operating a business risk free and how to get free Forex and Business education. Check out our business presentation.

trading strategy overview

our Low risk trading strategy stats sheet

Low Risk Strategy

Here’s a quick stats sheet that outlines the performance of our premium and advanced Low Risk Forex Trading Strategy. This info was created using data from a simulation that demonstrates how little risk of drawdown our Low Risk Strategy typically yields trading only GBPUSD. We use a neutral third party reporting platform for transparency. This strategy is best used for smooth and steady growth of large accounts.

our medium risk trading strategy stats sheet

Medium Risk Strategy

This quick stats sheet  outlines the performance of our premium and advanced Medium Risk Forex Trading Strategy. This info was created using data from a simulation that demonstrates how high the potential returns our Medium Risk Strategy typically yields trading only GBPUSD. We use a neutral third party reporting platform for transparency. This strategy is best used for rapid growth of small accounts.

our high risk trading strategy stats sheet

High Risk Strategy

This quick stats sheet  outlines the performance of our premium and advanced High Risk Forex Trading Strategy. This info was created using data from a simulation that demonstrates how high the potential returns our High Risk Strategy typically yields trading only GBPUSD. We use a neutral third party reporting platform for transparency. This strategy is best used for rapid growth of small accounts.

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