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Why pay for your Forex Trading or Entrepreneurship education, as well as fund the venture on top of that? Starting and operating capital can be so expensive that they can destroy your dream before it even gets off the ground. @PosterTrades we offer affordable, premium and detailed Forex Trading and Entrepreneurship courses as well as provide a stable and transparent platform that enables us to work together to raise capital for you. This way you can fund with as much as you want without ever reaching in your pocket.
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who we are

PosterTrades is an online modern day Forex and Entrepreneurship Academy that caters to young professionals who believe in a better world, a world of abundance, a world where building a legacy is a must.

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''To Make A Billion Dollars
Help A Billion People
For One Dollar Each''


When we say that PosterTrades is waaay more than just a Forex Academy and continue to say that, it is a FOREX AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY. We simply say so because PosterTrades makes its money from  Trading Forex and from Selling its Premium Membership Forex Trading as well as Entrepreneurship Mentorship Programs very effectively and efficiently through the use, of its, very high caliber, modern day entrepreneurial skills. 

Our suite of services comes in a 360 degree array of options which can cater to any interest you may have within our scope of work.

what is your, key interest?
where is your, main focus?

Forex Trading.

If all you want is to learn how to Trade Forex or to take your Trading skills to the next level and you dont mind funding your Trading account with money that comes directly from your pocket. You just want to get high quality and credible Forex education and to start Trading as soon as you’re ready. We respect that and we are here to help you get that bag and keep it in the most effective way as possible. If that sounds like you, then watch the video below to learn more.

Forex Business.

Apart from the revenue from our Forex Trading Department. We at PosterTrades are obviously also generating other Forex incomes from selling Forex Mentorship Services as well as from other revenues. If you’re the kind of person who understands that there are tens and thousands of people out there who are looking for a credible and trustworthy high quality Forex Trading academy and you’re the kind of person who’s willing to roll up their sleeves to connect those people to PosterTrades then it means you’re an entrepreneurial minded kind of trader. We have an offer that can help you raise unlimited funding capital, watch the video below to learn more.


Whether you’re employed or self employed is not of much importance, the most important question is are you an entrepreneur or not? Do you have a business idea or a business that is actually in operation? If yes, then the next question is, would you like to learn our modern day entrepreneurial skills those transformed PosterTrades from being an idea to being the empire that it is? If you feel like you would benefit from learning these skills and would like assistance in raising starting and operating capital from our platform then watch the video below to learn more.

postertrades business presentation

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The presentation above is a brief summary of who we are, what we do and how we would like to move forward with you in your Forex Trading or Entrepreneurship journey. On the left is the table of contents of the presentation above so that you can watch the part you are most interested in if your time is limited. Join the movement from only as little as $2/day

After watching the presentation and finding that you’re happy with the opportunity and you know like you know that you’re ready to start learning and making money with us, ask your upline for the R500 PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT COUPON CODE and click the get started button to register for the Silver Star Plan. To qualify for this discount, you have to have an upline and you have to have registered an account with our partner broker FxPrimus using the links provided in this website. So talk to your upline about the R500 PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT COUPON CODE.

Should it be the case that you are not yet ready to start with the paid membership but would still like to start learning. We have you covered, you may access our 4 week beginner course “Foundational Forex” worth R1500. Today we giving it to you FOR FREE, just click on get started and grab the R1500 PROSPECT STAR PLAN  that’s CURRENTLY ON PROMOTION by clicking on the Register Free button which will take you to the Pricing page for a Free Registration.


Here’s a little something we put together for you to get a preview of what kind of work you can expect from us. We hope it adds some value to your trading journey.

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Introduction To Forex Trading

How To Select a FSCA/FSB Regulated Forex Broker

How To Register A FREE PosterTrades Membership Account

This is a tribute video to thank you for watching my videos to this point. I’d like to show my gratitude by giving you free access to my Foundational Forex Trading Course. So watch this video to see how to get access to your R1500 Discount Coupon to make your course FREE.

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